Glued Eyes

I glued my eyes

not to see you my beloved

A phantom of a woman with crimson lips  

I cannot hear your sighs at night

I cannot feel your fading pulse

I cannot heal your broken heart

I cannot see all the destruction that ripped your beautiful mind

Forgive me I cannot stand it anymore

I am frozen in the moment of departure

You and only you in my glued eyes.


I will dream of you every second

But with holes, a lot of holes in your innocent face

Holes where the lost ones once lived

My tears still burning my empty soul

Dead souls, many dead souls walking nearby on the flaming sands.


When I fled

I knew my footprints would be haunting me forever

Until I return to your pale eyes

half a woman in disguise 

with more palm trees for my empty land

and bird seeds to revive the dead pigeons

beholding your dreams my beloved

drowning them in the bottom of my aching heart

wearing a mask of the cursed silence

before the craws creep in

stealing the rest of our memories in our glued eyes.


Forever you are a baby in my arms

I sing you love stories

when you wake up

when we breathe the mist of passion

by the river where we sinned

seeking forbidden dreams.



By Najat Alshafie