The Tree

The Tree *

that tells endless stories

of passionate seasons and fading histories

longing people for solitude

is worth listening to!


I am all ears

embracing your deep voice

foretelling the past and the future

of innocent children

engraving their names in your heart

their laughs embedded in your shadow.


O sweet memories

Charming little hands

immersed in motherly love

of a tree that unites

all peoples of the world

in her loving soul!


O trees of all times

mingle with my rosy dreams

bear my feathery secrets

and let me Fly!


*To the memory of  a friend, Ruquiah Al Obidan. May Allah bless her soul.

In my eyes she was a tree that embraced everyone in her community and drew smiles on all faces and gave love and care unconditionally. 


Najat Alshafie

All photos by Najat Alshafie  

All photos by Najat Alshafie  

Najat Alshafie poem & photographs