The Rosewater Journey

It was a journey,

a mysterious journey,

happy as can be

started with a word,

ended with a word,

but there were endless tales

of lives joined by destiny

pursuing amazing adventures

encrypted in the embroidery of the divine land.


They were butterflies in a secret garden

Rosewater sweeping under their feet

And waterfalls cleansing their souls

Domes of mosques opening their doors

To all the colorful jewels of the glorious Spring.


impatiently awaiting

for the travellers to shine

sighed then cried the rain

more roses to grow

more mountains to climb

and more stories to tell.  



Written by Najat Alshafie

Photo and painting by Najat Alshafie 

The Tree

The Tree *

that tells endless stories

of passionate seasons and fading histories

longing people for solitude

is worth listening to!


I am all ears

embracing your deep voice

foretelling the past and the future

of innocent children

engraving their names in your heart

their laughs embedded in your shadow.


O sweet memories

Charming little hands

immersed in motherly love

of a tree that unites

all peoples of the world

in her loving soul!


O trees of all times

mingle with my rosy dreams

bear my feathery secrets

and let me Fly!


*To the memory of  a friend, Ruquiah Al Obidan. May Allah bless her soul.

In my eyes she was a tree that embraced everyone in her community and drew smiles on all faces and gave love and care unconditionally. 


Najat Alshafie

All photos by Najat Alshafie  

All photos by Najat Alshafie  

Najat Alshafie poem & photographs

where i belong

returning to where i belong

golden deserts with sleepy camels

bewitched oases as green as paradise  

tall palm trees with broad shoulders 

& a lonely sobbing sea

haunted by silver seagulls at every dusk


indulged in ancient wisdom of nomads

i wander restlessly conquering time

until the end of the world

where we will meet again

dissolving in a midsummer night's dream


Najat AlShafie 1/8/2016

Art work by Najat Alshafie

The Warmest Skies

Summer skies around the world

Photo by Najat Alshafie  Lancaster, 2016

Photo by Najat Alshafie

Lancaster, 2016

Keep crying

Clean the sins

Of infested lands

Congested life

Shattered dreams

But he sells sandwiches and juice

tea and biscuits

A brown chocolate man

moulded with softness 

on a Virgin train

From the north to the south

To the heart of London

No bridge is falling

But new bridges are built

Reaching the warmest skies.


Najat Alshafie


I plead to the world

I plead to the world

Stop all forms of violence

Cease the fire of ignorance

Stop the slaughtering of innocent people

In the east and west

In mosques and churches

And everywhere!


I plead to the world

I don’t want to raise any more orphans

Weep day and night

I cry to all injustice, “NO!”

NO more wars or selling of guns!

There is NO black, white, red, or yellow 

But rainbows everywhere!


I plead to the world

Give me a chance to live my dreams

See my future with my own eyes

Have children

See my grandchildren

Let me live a simple life

And die in peace!


By Najat Alshafie


inside out

everything is occupying my mind

no one hears the screams of children

agonies of sleepless mothers

in a long lasting nightmare

but me!


everything inside out in my mind

hammers breaking the silence of the lambs

but nothing outside!


only void spaces

colourless breaths

meaningless crawling days

all horses slaughtered

inside out!


hope is dragging its feet

for days and a thousand nights

be patient as a camel

don't hide your head in the sand

inside out!



by Najat Alshafie


To our beloved martyrs


I smell fear in the air

I hear the steps of killers by my door

Shadows watching me night and day

Stabbing my newborn children in the back

Stealing their innocent dreams in the dark.


With a serene mind I pray

I pray for everyone in the world to live in peace and joy

I pray you do not smell, feel or hear

what I sense and fear.


By Najat Alshafie