deserted design school

Photo by Najat Alshafie  North West England, 2015

Photo by Najat Alshafie

North West England, 2015

their names scattered

drawings slaughtered by dust and sand

faded complexions and designs

collapsed buildings, castles and homes they once drew

withered flowers, trees and grounds

pale skies, seagulls and clouds

colorless butterflies and lands

O beautiful hands come once again

Contemplate on your chairs using your pens

Bare hands draw mighty skies and heavenly stairs

O untrodden innocent souls

Remit your light on boring walls and windows and old paints

Converse and laugh

Cleanse us once more

Forever green minds not forgotten nor abandoned

Limitless passion, unbounded aspirations, flaming imagination

Share your dreams with the world.

Don’t depart again

it’s so lonely day and night

in a deserted design school.

Written by Najat Alshafie