Sick Mornings    

Photo: Najat Alshafie  North West England, 2015.

Photo: Najat Alshafie

North West England, 2015.

This is one of the sick mornings!

I feel sick of everything and everyone!

First, my mobile is dying!

No milk in the fridge for my latte, so I have to drink disgusting black coffee!

Then I have a bad hair day!

All my hair style of last night late party had crumbled!

Besides there is a deadline I can’t meet!

You can’t imagine how much I hate deadlines to the bone!

But I definitely love them since during the procrastinated time I write and read and watch a lot of YouTube!

Shall I tweet about my bad day or last night birthday party?

Or this poem that I am writing?

I know! I’ll Instagram my furry cat playing with my pillow. Such a cheeky cat!

When it is Instagramed, it would be instantly tweeted since I glued the two.   

Oh, last but not least, there are so many things that are bothering me:

Few showed up to my party, wrinkles crawling all over my face, my fading makeup powders, and so many white hairs peeking every day and yeah it is getting so hot!

I am frustrated my gardenias are about to die!

I wish I could connect a breathing tube from my lungs to their leaves.

Didn’t I tell you this is one of the silliest mornings ever!



By Najat Alshafie